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  • Carrie
    I took a chance over Christmas and booked Carrie for 4 whole nights. She is absolutely amazing and apart from the obvious she showed my the city and we had a great time sightseeing and eating lol. The kisses and cuddles I had with the lovely Carrie were out of this world and I only wish that tonight was not the last night in her company. Treat her with the respect she deserves and you will be repaid with a date with a really amazing young girlfriend. Thank you sweetheart and should I ever have the chance to visit Prague again I hope that you will be my date. All the very best to you now and in the future and thank you again for an amazing time in your company. Pete xoxoxoxoxox
  • Layla
    Layla is the most adorable creature; smart, sophisticated and sexy as hell! Would love to see her again x
  • Eleanor
    Eleanor is really nice person and gorgeous.although i was expecting her to have oil,lubricant, etc for massage purpose yet she was capable enough to make it an enjoyable one!
  • Vivien
    Thank you for the meeting. Vanessa was great!
  • Diana-Indian
    A smart and beautiful woman. The best kisser in the world and probably the best GFE in Prague. She made a birthday treat into a memorable experience.
  • Elvira
    Hi, tip top. Elvira is great, perfect. I'm very experienced, so this really means something, I think.
  • Petra
    Hi Barbara, yes, we enjoyed the date a lot. Petra is a very pleasant person and we had a great time.
  • Jessica
    She is absolutely great. Lovely lady with great service. A pity that I am not more often in Prague.
  • Norah
    thank you. Very satisfied with Norah. She's quite a fun girl.
  • Marketa
    Good morning, just delivered Marketa to the train station, your recommendation was so good. She is such a beautiful lady, soft and sensitive. Smart in conversation and very sexy in bed, all my expectations have been fulfilled with no barriers between us. Thanks again. I highly appreciate your girls und your agency. Best regards. Artur
  • Sandra de Marco
    How are you doing? I came across your email id and even though you must be getting tons of mails like this and you might not reply back but I just couldn't resist myself from writing to you! You are a rockstar, an international icon and the testament to that fact is that I am writing to you all the way from India. I think you are one of the most beautiful girls in the industry and i simply love your work. Your scenes are absolutely unbelievable and I cannot imagine how much effort and hard work you put in to make everything. I am sure you get a lot of hate mails from people who admonish you for your line of work but believe me they are complete idiots. You cannot imagine how many lives you have touched. I am sure thousands of guys and girls like me have watched your scenes and felt nothing but ecstasy and thanked you for being a screen goddess! I have cum numerous number of times watching you and i just enjoy watching you in action over and over again! I just wanted to tell you people like me would always be supporting you My best wishes to you and I hope you make it big in whatever you do.. Would be pleasantly surprised if i hear back from you because I would love to know more about you :) Cheers
  • Katka
    I spent 2 awesome hours with Katka. I felt like she was my mistress. She was friendly and entertaining. And sex was great.
  • B&W DUO
    hi next month i will travel to Prag for business. I want to have good memories and i want to have threesome with u. I want to ask that we can do it in hotel or i must rent flat thanks
  • Alexandra
    Hello , My name is mustafa.1 months after my trip next to the city of Praha , evening of sightseeing you think I need a nice lady like you can have fun friends I would like to discuss with you.
  • MF Couple
  • Meggy
    Meggy perfect for GFE. Very nice, sweet girl. Gave excellent service. I absolutely recommend and would book Meggy in future. Thank you !!
  • Victoria
    Victoria is definitely a very kind person, attentive and obviously willing to give the best to her companion. She is sensual and makes good massages as well. Having only seen pictures of her face and bust I was a bit surprised about her general appearance, may be she got a bit weight since the pictures have been taken. Her language skills are quiet good to have talks and discussions of all kind. She is an interesting and well educated person. Since Victoria is not originating from Prague, her knowledge about the city is a bit weak. All in all she definitely gave me a good time, she is a reliable person making a maximum to satisfy her guest.