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If you have a stag party or you are just a fan/s of quality strip show, we can provide you with all kinds of strip tease – male strippers, female single strippers and lesbi-show (soft and hard). We can provide real professionals. Our experienced strippers will make your private event memorable.

For more information please send the request via email ( or call our operator.

Price for one show of contact strip-tease starts from 90 euro (15-30 min)*. One show contains one uniform, dancing for approx 15min and little conversation or having drink (upon your request of course). Rate is the same for male strippers.

One hard lesbi-show dance price starts from 160 euro (15-30 min)*.

We will always offer you choice of 5-6 strippers and show they offer.



*price depends on chosen girl/s and type of show.  Maximal rate is 110 euro for one single stripper show and 200 euro for lesbi-show.